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MARCH 20TH 2024 4PM ET
Commercial Business Development

"Sales Strategy and Essential Tools used by top Restoration Companies in the Industry"


Following the success of our presentation at this year's #INTRCONNECT2024 conference, we're excited to explore this topic further in an upcoming FREE WEBINAR.
In case you missed the chance to hear Lukas speak about key strategies and tactics for building sustainable recurring commercial business, sign up today.

In this Free Webinar, you will learn about:

Commercial Sales Strategy: Explore various verticals, their advantages, and disadvantages. Understand the expected sales cycle for each and learn how to effectively launch your commercial sales journey.

Timeline: Discover the pace at which you can expect results. Lukas Szczurowski and his team will unveil revenue expectations for the first 12 months and provide actionable insights for monitoring progress.

Tools for Success: Identify essential tools for success, including CRM utilization, weekly 1-on-1 meetings, meeting playbooks, and more

Join in by asking questions and sharing your valuable opinions and insights!